Mylar Bags with Ziplock

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Protective Zipper Top Storage Bag: Load contents into the bag fast and either seal with the fast zipper seal or press into a heal sealer above the zipper and tear notches. Preserves freshness and seals in aromas while ensuring no absorption of odors.

  • Airtight, Waterproof and Leak Proof: Once sealed, trust our bags to protect your goods! No water or air will enter or leak as long as it’s sealed.

100g, 300g, 900g, 1.5kg

1 review for Mylar Bags with Ziplock

  1. RSAprepper

    Ziploc Mylar bags in small quantities are so hard to find in this country. I can not describe how happy I was upon seeing these here. I got 2 different sizes and have used both in my food preps.

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