Axiostat® Haemostatic Dressing 5 x 5


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Axiostat® is a Chitosan based Haemostatic Pad Dressing designed for the control of severe external haemorrhaging. This is particularly useful in trauma and in Cardiac Cath Labs where immediate haemorrhage control is crucial.

Axiostat® contains 100% natural Chitosan and can control arterial bleeds by direct pressure within minutes. The unique ‘pad’ approach also means that direct pressure is significantly easier to apply and far more controlled.

Axiostat’s® unique design also makes removal prior following a procedure extremely easy. Other haemostatic dressings generally need to be peeled away from the wound to remove, thereby opening up the wound and causing further bleeding. Axiostat’s® unique design promotes atraumatic removal in the operating room.

To remove Axiostat® simply irrigate with sterile water or saline. It will dissolve and leave the clot completely intact.

    • Available in sizes 5x5cm, 5x8cm and 8x8cm
    • Axiostat® is NAPPI coded, CE and ISO 13485 Certified
    • Stop Bleeding, Instantly with Axiostat®


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