Backpack Grabber Fully Stocked FAK


Elastic Adhesive Plaster Roll 25mm1
Elastic Adhesive Plaster Roll 50mm1
Elastic Adhesive Plaster Roll 75mm1
Antiseptic Solution 100ml1
Burns Dressing 10cm x 10cm1
Conforming Bandage 75mm4
Conforming Bandage 50mm4
Crepe Bandage 75mm4
Crepe Bandages 50mm4
Cottonwool Roll 50g1
Gauze Swabs 100mm x 100mm Sterile (5’s)2
Examination Gloves (Pairs)2
Paper Tape 25mm x 3m1
Plaster Strips20
Safety Pins (12/Set)1
First Aid Scissors 10cm1
Wound Closure Strips1
Triangular Bandages N/W2
Wintergreen Ointment 25g1
PVP (Betadine) Ointment 25g1
Rescue/Space Blanket1
Trauma Collar1
Instant Ice Pack1
Paracetamol Tablets10
Sports First Aid Bag1

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