72 Hour 1 Person BugOut Bag


The 72 hour 1 Person BugOut Bag!


1 x Tactical Backpack

1 x Quality Poncho/Shelter – not pictured

1 x Emergency Sleeping Bag

1 x Emergency Blanket

1 x 1L Water Bottle/FireBucket/Pouch

1 x 9 Seven Ocean Emergency Rations

3 x 500ml Seven Oceans Water Pouches

2 x P&G Purifier of Water Sachets – 20L

10 x Water Purification Tablets

1 x Hikers First Aid Kit – Great Value

1 x Folding Knife with Ferro Rod

1 x Multi Function Torch

1 x Mini Folding Shovel Multitool

1 x Paracord Bracelet 3-in-1

6 x Fuel Tablets

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