Camping Pot Set


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• Fordable pot handles
• Non-slip and heat resistant
• High-quality food-grade anodized aluminum, lightweight, high-temperature resistance, antitrust, suitable for 1-2 people
• Come with a mesh bag for easy carrying
• Ideal for outdoor camping, hiking, hunting, picnics and more.

Specification Size:
• Large pot 12.2×10.5cm (bottom diameter x height)
• Small pot: 11.5x6cm (bottom diameter x height)
• Small bowl: diameter 11 x 4cm
• Table spoon: 16 x 4cm
• Table knife: 16.5 x 1.2cm
• Fork: 16 x 1.2cm

1 x Large pot 1 x Small pot 3 x Small bowl 1 x Bamboo Shovel 1 x Tablespoon 1 x Fork 1 x Table knife 1 x Mesh pocket 1 x Washing Loofah


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