Kiwano Double Parachute Nylon Travel Hammock


Kiwano Double Parachute Nylon Travel Hammock with Tree Straps and Aluminium Wiregate Carabiners.

Discover how your outdoor adventures can be a whole lot more relaxing and comfortable.
Outdoor adventures are a magic way to relax and re-connect with your inner self.

That does not mean that it has to include laying on the ground shifting uncomfortably on uneven ground with stones poking at the most unexpected places.
The Kiwano Nylon Camping Hammock will add a surprising level of comfort to your experience and will increase your enjoyment and relaxation dramatically.

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– Comfortable and soft luxury added to your outdoor adventure.
– Manufactured from Premium lightweight Parachute nylon.
– Safety guaranteed due to triple interlocking stitching.
– With a size of 300cm x 200cm and a carrying weight of 200 kg, two people can fit comfortably.
– Installed in minutes! With conventional hammocks, it’s always a battle to tie the right knot at the right distance from the tree.
– The Kiwano Hammock comes with straps that adjust extremely quickly and easily.
– The straps cause no damage to bark and leaves no marks on the tree.
– Everything you need included in a compact, lightweight carrying pouch.

– Size: Double Hammock
– Material: Ultra-light Parachute Nylon (210T)
– Dimensions: 300cm (long) x 200cm (wide).
– Dimensions when packed: 23cm (tall) x 13cm (wide) x 13cm (deep).
– Tree straps: 1″ wide with 10 connecting loops and strength tested to 100kg per strap.
– Carabiners: 2 x Aluminium Wire Gate Carabiners.
– Total weight: 1kg. (including straps).
– Maximum weight capacity: 200 kg.
– Website:
– Brand: Kiwano Gear

What’s in the box
– 1 x Double Hammock
– 2 x Wiregate Carabiners
– 2 x Tree Straps


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