Personal Survival Seed Bank


Your own personal seed bank, specially packed for long term storage and containing 41 packets of over 32 varieties of vegetables and herbs in one space saving pack. We have selected a range of our most proven varieties in terms of ease of growing, hardiness and reliability.


Our Personal Survival Seed pack contains only the highest quality seeds. These Seeds are 100% Non-GMO and, most importantly, they are all Open-Pollinated (Non-Hybrid) so you can harvest & save your own seeds for the next season and they will grow true-to-type.

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PLEASE NOTE: Included in this pack are a limited number of (the most vunerable) seeds that have been treated to prevent fungal disease and are therefore NOT ORGANIC. These are the only seeds that we sell that have been treated in this way and we only do it with our survival packs because we realise that you are most likely keeping or storing these seeds for an emergency situation – we want to make sure that these seeds will germinate and grow for you with the least amount of added challenges.


Includes a Planting Guide with instructions for each vegetable type.


Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli (50 seeds), Snowball Cauliflower (50 seeds), Drumhead Cabbage (50 seeds), Lucullus Swiss Chard (30 seeds), Japanese Giant Red Mustard Greens (100 seeds), **Viroflay Spinach (30 seeds), Blue Curled Vates Kale (50 seeds), Tatsoi (100 seeds), Early White Vienna Kohlrabi (100 seeds), Blonde de Paris Lettuce (150 seeds).


Contender Beans (Bush) (40 seeds), **Lazy Housewife Beans (Pole) (40 seeds), **Greenfeast Peas (Garden) (50 seeds), **Cascadia Sugar Snap Peas (50 seeds), Sweetie Tomato (Cherry) (20 seeds), **Moneymaker Tomato (Salad) (20 seeds), Roma Tomato (Paste) (20 seeds), California Wonder Pepper (Sweet) (20 seeds), Jalapeno Pepper (Mild) (20 seeds), Long Red Slim Cayenne Pepper (Hot) (20 seeds), Black Beauty Eggplant (20 seeds), Ashley Cucumber (20 seeds), Caserta Zucchini Squash (10 seeds), Waltham Butternut (10 seeds), Flat White Boer Pumpkin (10 seeds), Hales Best Sweet Melon (10 seeds).


Bulls Blood Beetroot (50 seeds), Nantes Carrot (250 seeds), Chantenay Carrot (250 seeds), Red Creole Onions (100 seeds), Texas Early Grano Onion (100 seeds), White Lisbon Bunching Onions (100 seeds), Sparkler Radish (50 seeds).


Italian Large Leaved Basil (50 seeds), Arugula / Rocket (100 seeds), Italian Giant Flat Leaf Parsley (100 seeds), Chives (50 seeds), Winter Thyme (150 seeds), Sage (20 seeds), Summer Savory (150 seeds).


**BKalahari Early Pearl Maize/Corn (80 seeds).


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