Power bank “Powerful” 30000mAh with table lamp


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Powerful, power bank 30000mAh with table lamp, Micro-USB / Type-C / Lightning input and dual USB 2A output, with LED digital display

1. Capacity: 30000mAh 111Wh. Rated capacity: 17700mAh.
2. Input: Micro-USB / Type-C / Lightning: 5V / 2A.
3. Output: total output 5V / 2A, single port 5V / 2A.
4. Display: LED digital display of power level.
5. Material: ABS + PC flame-retardant material + lithium polymer battery.
6. Sizes: 166*81*32mm. Weight: 667g.
7. With lanyard, dual output, three inputs, with lamp.


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